carpet installation oakland macomb countyChoosing carpet installation for your home is a wise choice for many reasons

The most important benefit of carpet as a flooring choice is the comfort it provides to the room it is applied too. Not only is the carpet comfy, but it gives the rooms a nice cozy comfortable feel too.

Carpets are great because they come in a variety of colors and styles. You can choose the best one that matches your room scheme. Also carpet can be used as a decorative element, while the textures can add dimension to any plain old room.

New carpet is the lowest VOC-emitting flooring choice available. It actually acts as a passive air filter, trapping dust, pollen and other particles and removing them from the breathing zone.

Carpet provides actual thermal resistance, or R-value. In colder climates or seasons, it retains warm air longer, an energy conservation benefit. Carpet also provides a comfortable place to sit, play or work and gives a room an overall warmer feeling.

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