Custom boat carpeting is an important part of the boating experience

Carpets for your boat are specialized and it is not the time to go out and buy an area rug intended for home use.  Marine boat carpets resist the stains, mildew and mold that result from wet flooring, and are designed to add extra traction on board to avoid slips when wet. Bella Flooring and Remodeling has you covered (literally). We are New Baltimore’s destination for all of your marine flooring needs.

While specialized carpeting is made just for recreational boaters, there is no difference in the appearance or feel of today’s boat carpet. There is no dye involved in the processing of carpet intended for boats. The fiber is created with the color embedded and the ends are sealed to resist fraying and matting. Typically, boat carpet will last up to five years. You can extend its life, however, if you roll it up and store it in the offseason.

Call Bella Flooring and Remodeling (located in New Baltimore) today and we will get your boat carpeting installed ahead of the boating season, giving you more time to enjoy the water. Click here to contact us today!